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Period March 12-30th 2020 ( during this period no closing date)
Place: The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
( sorry it is only in JP )
Opening hours:10-18h, need to be entered 30mins before closing time

It is an annual contemporary art exhibition at Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo, and also competition itself, that young talented artists who are under age 40, present their 2 dimensional art works. The museum asked selected curators, researchers and journalists to recommend one artist to participate.

Exhibition` Given Space`
Opening Thursday 21 March at 7 pm with a few short interviews by Andrea van Pol
Baggage Loods 6, KNSMlaan 289, Amsterdam

The project can be viewed from 21 March to 31 March
do-Fri-Sat-Sun 12.00 - 18.00

2nd November 2017-4 Februari 2018

Sunday Morning@ EKWC
(see flyer below for more information)


In search for the common myth

6 - 20 december, 2017

with Marianna Constanti, Marios Constantinides, Melita Couta, Anuli Croon, B.C. Epker, Eiko Ishizawa, Chiaki Kamikawa, Aafke Ytsma.

Exhibition: To the Extent of… Hmm…

4th Nov-19th Nov 2017
OPENING: 4 november 15:00 - 17:00

Lindengracht 148

This exhibit questions dimension. The dimension of seeing, of thinking and of art. The artists have asked themselves whether a dimension can be extended by form or spatial context. This resulted in an investigative approach and proposal to extend the notion of dimension. Why be confined by form? Painted landscapes can be sculpture, paint can show in-between space, form responds to movement and life changes perspectives anyways, as Barbara Rink, Isabel Cordeiro, Sanja Medic and Eiko Ishizawa demonstrate.

All artists in To The Extent of… Hmm… flow from one to another dimension, playfully exploring the meaning of space, perception, shape and time, not afraid to move back and forth. They can not and would not want to be easily pinned down as a painter, photographer or a sculptor, as their interest lies with the in-betweens. They doubt certainties, and find beauty in the ‘ehms’ and ‘hmms’ when discussing form, or the idea behind it.

Fascinated by Plato’s theory of the non physical form, the artists created their own dialectics in shaping new realities. led by the fluidity between dimensions, the four artists represented use different techniques and processes drawing you into their independent and joined vision of art.

(tekst Silvia Rottenberg)

01 t/m 05 juni 2016
Adres: Hal 7 – Amstelhal – RAI Amsterdam ingang Wielingenstraat
woensdag 1 juni | 18.00 - 22.00 uur donderdag 2 juni | 12.00 - 21.00 uur vrijdag 3 juni| 12.00 - 21.00 uur zaterdag 4 juni | 11.00 - 18.00 uur zondag 5 juni | 11.00 - 18.00 uur

De samenstelling van DE KERSENTUIN op de KUNSTRAI, een tentoonstelling van hedendaagse internationale keramiek, laat zien dat de toepassing van het materiaal veelzijdiger is dan ooit. DE KERSENTUIN toont het werk van 15 kunstenaars, van zowel aanstormend talent als gevestigde namen, geselecteerd door Annelien Kers (eigenaar KERSGALLERY en artistiek coördinator De Vishal in Haarlem) in samenwerking met Sunday Morning @EKWC. Iedere kunstenaar zal een tuin van 50m2 tot zijn of haar beschikking hebben voor een solopresentatie.

DE KERSENTUIN toont, na een succesvolle eerste editie, dit jaar opnieuw de levendigheid en diversiteit binnen de hedendaagse kunst, dit jaar volledig gericht op keramiek. Prettige bijkomstigheid: Alle getoonde werken zijn te koop met de KunstKoop van het Mondriaan Fonds.

Hans van Bentem | Vika Mitrichencko |Merijn Bolink | Eiko Ishiozawa | Yasser Ballemans| Ipek Kotan | Couzijn van Leeuwen | Robbert Pauwels | | Nina Frankova| Dorine Camps| Tanja Smeets| Marja Kennis| Corwyn Lund| Julia Mandle | Damian Kapajos |

opening April 30 2016-May 8th 2016

" Eating Kakifruits While Clay Is Rising"
@Kersgallery, Amsterdam
Opening at 16th.Jan.16h.2016 ( till 18h)
from 16th Jan-31st Jan 2016
Please join for the opening!

Residency at Sundaymorning@EKWC, the Netherlands 2015
Open day 22nd Nov 2015