Colors, they inspire me so much.
They have own energies, deviates to people and space. And I am inspired by the endless possibilities in combinations of colors and shapes, sizes, and tactilities, and what they can offer as visual power.

Only One for you

I would like to create your personal collages for you.
I depict emotions and stories of life_ in the way of capturing two sides of inseparatable things, and translate them in abstractions to go beyond of the world of defininitions.

In order to embrace the situations entirely, let us see not in balck and white.
Things happen in life, but let us celebrate them with appreciations, either they seem happy or sad at the first sight.  

There, what I would like to create and deliver to you in the end is the sense of beauty of life, the beauty is looking at the light and joys while knowing the darkness exists. I would like to deliver "the light" to your space with my collages.

Please share with me your story, or just about who you want to give this as a present, I respond them with my interpretation, inspirations and intuitions in colors and shapes, and deliver to you as the only one art work that is made for you. 

The story could be simple, or emotionally complicated, or just about someone you love or missed.  Anything with sincereness with your heart, please feel be welcomed to share with me.

148 × 105 mm---- 50euro ( post card size )
148 × 210 mm----100euro
290 x 210 mm----310euro
420 x 297 mm----450euro
405 x505 mm----800euro
500x1000 mm----Larger compositions 1200 eruo +

Acrlic paint, acid-free paper

For larger composisions:
Please contact me for estimate price with your request size and story or any qustions.
Prices are not including tax. BTW.  If you would like to deliver to you with a frame, it is possible. The price is varied depending on the frame, please contact me further by email.

"A Day of Sadness and A Celebrations for Anew"

SPACE / Mural Works
I would like to create my collages into the space!
Please feel free to share the possible project if you might think my color collages could be applied spatiously.
Please share your ideas by email and online meeting. After the hearing the idea, I can make a proposal, and offer you the estimate cost.