Photographed by Anneke Hymmenn
These photographs are shot with the sculpture version


Are you interested in welcoming The Great Sleeping Bear in your home?

The product of the multiple version will be produced with special cares: with the choices of ethical production methods, and careful ecological material choices as possible, all hand made with cares in high quality.This multiple version of The Great Sleeping Bear will be exceptional art objects that you could purchase and be together at your home. You could say, you are welcoming this bear as a new family member of yours.You can name them if you like.The name will be written in the tag and its document. The bears will be numbered, and signed by artist.

The price: 4300euro
(Price excl.BTW and Shipping cost )

All numbered
Comes with a certificate

faux fur,handmade plastic nose,leather, organic cotton lining, wool filing

Something to know before you order

The bears are made with love one by one in my atelier.
Therefore, this  work is made to order. 
Due to ordermade one by one, and its complexities in making, please take account of the duration of production,  that usually 2-3 months from your order is placed, although it is depending on the schedule, so please contact me for the abvailability.

This is not a regular sleeping bag, it is a  multiples of an art work, an unusual quality of exclusive obejct.
So please note that it is massive, not compact and light weight sleeping bags. This is suitable for having as a company at your home, and sometimes you can hide yourself to be  the bear comfortably inside.

There are some causions  to be notified if you wnat to go inside of the bag; the mouth, as you see it is closable all the way by a zipper, and the head part is easy to cover your face, there are teeth ( not too hard ) near your face. Therefore, if you want to go inside, please be careful with sufforication and hurting eyes and etc, especially with small children. Any injuries and accidents are at your own responsibilities.

Please contact me if you are interested, or having any questions.

“Crossing the Borderlines”  
The wild animals do not have border of nations.
This bear is the visual totem for me to remind that we ( humans) are one kind of animals on this planet mother earth.

I hope to raise the awareness of conservations of environments and animals, and refugee issues, world peace.. in which I believe we now all could share very well for  the fundamental feeling of empathy to the others who are different,  as we are the same being on this earth without borders.

The Great Sleeping Bear with the themes of “crossing the borderlines” ( in original art work), throug distributing the multiples I would like to map those as a new species of a kind; the man / the wild animal/ the idealists.

The Bear Ambassadors
This spiece ( a purchaser ) to promote world peace fundamentally, and  therefore should identify themselves or respect those characters as below:

-Who admires and respects the wild nature, the animals, and the planet earth

-Who does respect and accept differences in qualities of people, races, sex, cultures and not trying to control the others

-Who could see the world without the borders for peace, but not for controlling and ruling

-Who loves to live fully with being free minded, honest, strong (energetic), and being creative

-Who looks for the ideal ways of living in the balance between the culture and the nature

-Who loves and takes care own family and care for the children in the world


It has been taking some  years to create right shape, pattern and finding the right materials, and it is still in the middle of the challenge for the developing process as every prototype leads me to the next step. .It is not simple object to create this technically, especially around the head, in order to hold the shape up without having filler stuffed inside, while achieving the realistic appearance of the bear head.Big thank you: Sander Alblas @EKWC for helping me scanning the original sculpture bear head and remodeling in styrofoam. The new pattern based on this is going to be applied to the next type..