With such extreme developments in science and technology, I am constantly confronted with questions regarding a humanity in relationship between cultures and Nature and relation to the supernatural.

Discovering of new perceptions of the ways how things exist, and persuading the principles of big concepts we have in our cultures, such as "beauty""love""God""freedom""life and death" and etc, in natural world are often to be my inspirations for my works. My work translates these observations and their tentative theories into metaphysical visuals,  demonstrates these in the materialities in gravities, or sometimes expressed in relationsihps among objects in spatial manner, or in the world of colors in collages.

Through sculptures, installations, collages and textiles; I approach the viewers with visual fantasy and inane humor, attempting to reintroduce the broader view of the reality, where they hopefully trigger their curiosities and draw them to really "look" without preconceptions and to feel in unknows, and finally serves the lightness, and joys in their hearts.