Photograph Collections

High quality giclee prints of Eiko's pgotographies.
These will come with numbered and signed on the back.

"A Crying Woman
a puff of a balloon before getting damped" 


Edition of 50

"The Process of C"


Edition of 50

"A Work as the world"


Edition of 50


"When You are Finding the Truth"

Series of photographs 
Sizes 27x20cm ( hight and width changes depending on the piece)
(22.5x27cm_Last photo)

You can purchase separatedly. 

The price is for one photo.
For set price will be discounted after set of 4p.  Please send me an email to indicate  which one you are interested in purchasing. Contact


set of 4_ €380
set of 5_ €440
set of 6_ €490

"Fears for Numbers"

Set of 3: €1500

"The Letter to My Hair"



A: 19x28cm (R)
B: 21x28cm (L)