The Elementary Space Between Bubbles


Top image:©Linus Harms
@Gallery Melklokaal

Where the complete harmony exists, there are no point of view could exist. When there are no point of view could exist, there are no measurements.  When the balances became unbalanced, this harmony breaks,  and the bubbles are born  and floats in the space of complete harmony.   These bubbles are sort of domain areas, where 

consciousnesses could exist.   The spaces between bubbles are always there,  but you can not see, it is the total harmony and also could be called love. The intention could travel and jump bubbles to bubbles, no matter how physical distances are.

“Ma_間” ( “gap", "space", “pause”, “interval”): it is the specific concept of negative space in Japan, it refers to the artistic interpretation of an empty space, often holding as much importance as the rest of an artwork.

Empty spaces might hold many bubbles of intentions, but I feel these space between of awarenesses and off point of intentions, there are the essence of life and beauty.