Gegevens Ruimte

This project initiated by
photographer Jan Theun van Rees.  

Jan Theun van Rees  has been taking photographs of empty and dismantled buildings for his work for many years. In this project, he executed his question of how to add the meaning to those spaces, which resulted him to collaborate with 14 artists who works spatially in their art practice.  By giving artists the spaces, the photographs of empty spaces taking by him, he let us to create new work with complete freedom of what we can do with those prints, and he photographed again. The results are varied and surprising, adding definitely exciting new stories to those spaces. Here I have shown my participation:
I was interested in handling the image as a one of the ingredients of my sculpture, and also inserting a new “Gegeven” as a fantastical interpretation of this image; my sculpture, white statue is holding up stair case, while Stedlijk Museum is half destroyed, and the light source from above are also creating stars as the result of holes in a curtain.  By using the fact of enlarging spaciously in a final result, I have created miniature theatrical stage to be in life size.