The Cave

Plastic, wood, kite-sticks, textile, styler foam balls
2,5 x 3,75 x 2,5 m

The Cave is created  with materials that are commonly used for temporary habitats, tents, that are allowing people to live outside, either in the wild nature, or in the city for people who lost houses.
The audience experience the undergo of going thorugh narrow tunnel, and then reach to the womb-like soft space where you feel released, and then  you push the rhim out in order to come out to the outside again. This exploration could reminds the visitor somewhat  about Life: the cave structure could reminds you the inner body structure, but it does not tell either that is processing the food, or the birth of life, but those things are one thing, as food chain is created by workings of organisms. 
This cave depicts our desires of escaping from the structures of society, and its fantasies for the freedom, where also blurs  the borderline between lives and death and their cycles.